pipe tobacco:

African Queen - English smokers delight - this is the blend for you! This is an aromatic blend of Smyra, Mozambique and Virginia tobaccos that is sure to please.

All Day Long - Black Cavendish is blended with Bright Cavendish, Burley and Virginia to create a slow burning, mild and cool smoke.

Almondine- The intriguing taste of Almond Liquor is captured in a mild and mellow blend, with no bite and a wonderfully smooth smoke.

Amaretto & Kahlua- A combination of Virginia, Burley, and Black Cavendish aged in both for a smooth, mild, bite free smoke.

apples and Cream - Apple brandy flavors smooth and mild black Cavendish creating an enjoyable smoke.

Apricots and Cream - Mild and smooth black Cavendish are flavored with apricot brandy for very mild yet flavorful smoke.

Aromatic English - Latakia adds just the right blend to this smooth and full body English smoke.

autumn evening- New - Proprietary Red Virginia Cavendish is lightly cased with a delicate maple flavor for one unique, and widely popular aromatic blend.​

Bahamian Rhapsody - Burley, Virginia ribbon and black Cavendish combined with exotic tropical flavors will have you dreaming of the islands.


Balkin - light and dark Virginias and Burley with a touch of Latakia and Turkish creating a memorable smoke.

Balkin Exotic - Luxuriously blended Turkish, Latakia and matured Virginia creating a very rich smoke.

Bayou Morning - A strictly Virginia and Perique blend with stoved red Virginia.  One of our most popular bulk Virginia blends.

Bayou Night - A full strength Perique blended with stoved red Virginia, Latakia, Turkish and rough cut Burley. Full body but surprisingly cool

Berry Good -  Fire cured Burley from Green River Valley delightfully blended with Vanilla and topped with raspberry sauce.

Big n’ Burley - Primarily sweet, rough cut Burley with small amounts of Latakia, Turkish, and Perique added for flavor and smoothness.

billy bud- new - A heavy Latakia blend with rough-cut Burley, bright Virginia flake, and a good amount of rough-cut cigar leaf.​


Black Cavendish - All black Cavendish consisting of 100% fire-cured Cavendish that has been "steam sweated" for mildness and smoothness.

Black Cherry - A very mild mixture of the finest black Cavendish base flavored with ripe wild cherries.

Black Cherry Delight - Toasted black Cavendish, bright Cavendish and Virginia come to life in this sweet cherry delight.

Black Cordial Liquor - Incredible blend of fire cured tobaccos sweetened with sweet Virginia and richly topped with cordial liquor.

Black Golden Maple - Black Cavendish and golden Virginia combined with natural maple flavor creating a great aroma and taste.

Black Raspberry - Raspberry and many mingle nicely with a black Cavendish base.

Black Satin - A black Cavendish made from Burley from Kentucky, Fire cured and blended with vanilla for a smooth, clean finish.

Black Spice - This all black blend of 100% fire cured tobacco is gently flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg creating an aromatic delight.


Blend 999 - The aroma of vanilla and caramel will send you day dreaming of simpler times with this Virginia base.

Briar fox - new - An exceptionally smooth and compressed mixture of Virginias and Burley, and the personal blend of well-known Danish pipe maker Peter Heeschen.

Burley - A zesty mixture of Burleys creating a mild, non-aromatic smoke reminisces of the great American past.

Burley Ribbon Cut - A combination of White Burley and a mild Cavendish that is blended for a mild smoke with great flavor and smoothness.

Burma Road - A decidedly different English style blend subtly flavored with vanilla and rum.

Butter Pecan - A combination of Black Cavendish with slight hints of Buttered Pecan blended for a fantastic flavor and aroma.

Buttered Rum - Golden Virginia and white Burley are blended with a mixture of Buttered New England and Jamaican Rum creating an island experience.

Byzanitum - Full strength Latakia is blended with Perique and Turkish creating a stout memorable smoke.

Cap's Blend - A blend of light and black Cavendish specially flavored for a full taste and robust aroma.

Casa Blanca - Imported and domestic Cavendish enhanced with the flavor of Irish cream create a truly delightful smoke.

Cherry - A delicate blend of Cavendish tobaccos combined with the flavor of plump ripe cherries creating a aromatic but mild smoke.

Cherry Jubilee - Wild cherries come to life in this mixture of Cavendish and yellow Virginia.

Chocolate - Lightly flavored with sweet chocolate, this combination of Burley and Virginia is a perfect way to end (or start) a day.

Choice English - The aristocrat of English tobaccos, this blend combines Oriental Smyra, Latakia and golden Virginia to create a medium to heavy strength smoke.

Coco Creme - Black Cavendish and rich dark Burley are triple blended and triple flavored with a Cocoa & Vanilla essence creating mild and tasty smoke.

Coffee - Mild Cavendish, Burley and Virginia are blended with a coffee extract.

Constellation - new-A perfect combination of Virginia ribbon, Burley, unsweetened Black Cavendish and Latakia. One of our oldest blends. 

Cordial Mint
- Cavendish flavored with a mint cordial to gives this tobacco a cool, satisfying smoke with a refreshing taste.

Count Pulaski – Created in honor of Revolutionary War hero, Polish Count Casmir Pulaski, this remarkable English bled contains a slight hint of anise.

Crème Brulee - A rich blend of vanilla, caramel, and honey blended with Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish creating a true dessert smoke.

Crooner – Bing’s Blend- new - This has specially cut cube Burley and Deer Tongue. An authentic copy from one of Bing's friends who blended it with him. 

Crowley’s Best
- new - Named for Walter Crowley of Fordham's football glory days, this is a mixture of Burley, Latakia, and Perique. 

​Danish Pastry
- A blend of all long cut tobaccos flavored with the finest pure maple syrup.  The flavor is pressed in for full retention and taste.

Dark Carmel - Black and white Burleys with a special caramel sauce added for a unforgettable after dinner smoke.

Dark Chocolate - A rich 'stop in your tracks' chocolate flavor on a pure black Cavendish base.

Dark Honey Berry - Tantalizingly sweet blackened Green River Vanilla expertly blended with vanilla, honey and mixed berries create an instant favorite!

Engine 99 - Traditional English blend loaded with enough Latakia to run the famous steam engine, Engine 99, creating an extremely full body smoke.

epiphany- new - Said to be the favorite of Albert Einstein, Epiphany is an adroit melding of Virginias, Burleys, Latakia, and Perique in unified harmony.

Espresso - An all black mixture of unsweetened Black Cavendish and Green River Vanilla with a heavy coffee flavor.

Founding Fathers - A delightful aromatic with the exotic fruit found growing Mt. Vernon & Monticello, our founding fathers favorite blend.

French Vanilla - Toasted Cavendish is expertly blended with a rich creamy vanilla to deliver a cool, smooth smoke.

Ginger Snaps - Incredibly rich and flavorful gingerbread flavoring has generously added to a Burley and Virginia base creating an instant classic you’ll want to smoke again and again.

Golden Cavendish - Red and golden Virginias mixed with deep rich Burley creating a pleasing aroma and taste.

Gray Ghost - This full flavored smoke combines stoved and plain red Virginia with fine Connecticut cigar leaf tobacco for a smooth finish.

Green River Vanilla - Fire cured Burley from the Green River Valley delightfully blended with vanilla creating a mild and smooth smoke.

Guilford's Courthouse - Izmir Oriental leaf adds an exotic spicy sweetness to red and bright Virginia.

Hard Cider - Apple cider overflows in the Cavendish mixture creating a unique fruit experience.

Highland Whiskey - Flue-cured Virginia married with sweet black Cavendish and generously laced with aged Scottish Whiskey.

Intercourse - A mixture of black Cavendish, a sweet Burley and apricot brandy. This marriage creates a gentle, lightly flavored smoke.

Irish Blessing - Containing an all black blend of tobacco that keeps the Irish mist taste to the bottom of the bowl.

Jamican Rum - Relaxing and refreshing, mon! Burley and Virginia are generously flavored with island rum.

lane 1-q- new - a smooth and refreshing blend of virginia ribbons & black cavendish, proven to be a country wide favorite for decades.

Latakia - This sun-cured Latakia has been blackened with myrtle wood creating a enticing incense like fragrance that is surprisingly soft on the palate.

Light English - This is a natural blend of Middle Eastern, Tanzanian and Virginia tobaccos now in a lighter version of heavier English blends.

Maple Walnut - Walnut and maple syrup flavors are generously added to Burley, Cavendish, and Virginia creating a sweet and mild smoke.

Margarita - Hard Week? No problamo! Indisputably delicious mixture of Burley and Virginia that is destine to be a crowd pleaser!

Mocha - Blended with espresso and dark chocolate, this is sure to delight the coffee lover in all of us.

Mountain Camp - full strength Latakia combined with stoved red Virginia, Turkish and Burley creating a very full body smoke.

New Market - Blended to honor the Virginia Military Institute victory over union forces in New Market, this blend is mixtures of lemon Virginia, black Cavendish and local spices.

night train- new - Bright Virginia ribbon, bright Virginia flake, Cavendish cut, Virginia grown brown Burley, and Perique are pressed into an old-fashioned crumble cake. 

Nutty Irishman - A unique blend combining the flavor of Frangelico and Irish Mist in a delightfully refreshing manner.

Nutty Virginia - Red and bright Virginia ribbon with a little Turkish and a exceptional light hazelnut sauce.

Old Joe Krantz - new - Dark and cube cut Burley with Red Virginia ribbon and Perique create a smooth, all day smoke. Another Runowski creation named in honor of his grandfather. 

Optimum - Zimbabwe, Burley, and Malawi tobaccos are blended with black Cavendish and infused with fruit and vanilla for a mild flavorful smoke.

Orange Sherbert - Mild black Cavendish sprinkled brown Virginia coated with a distinctive orange and vanilla flavor.

Orion’s Arrow - new - This is an equal mixture of Turkish flake, Perique, Red Virginia, and bright Virginia ribbon & is a destination for those in search of a bold and balanced blend. ​

Pasha's Dream - A blend of Turkish, Latakia, red Virginia and Burley uniquely combined with caramel and vanilla.

Pegasis - new - Three Burley tobaccos, two Virginias and unsweetened Black Cavendish form a classic American blend, hearkening back to the days when Burley was king. 

- Strong peppery Perique is softened with flue-cured Virginia providing a wonderful Perique flavor with a smooth perfection.

Perique Long Cut - Surprisingly smooth blend of peppery Perique and ribbon Virginia creating a full body smoke that is gentle on the palate.

Pirate Kake - Latakia lovers with walk the plank for this blend! Smooth, robust blend of Latakia highlighted with Turkish and red Virginia.

Plum & Rum - Fresh ripe plums and rum are combined with black Cavendish with a slight overtone licorice.

Red Virginia Cavendish - Stoved and straight red Virginia Cavendish are showcased together creating a smooth memorable smoke along or mixed.

Rum and Maple - It’s hard not to relax when enjoying this incredibly well blended Virginia and Burley mixture with loaded with Rum and a touch of Maple.

Sangria - Golden and black Cavendish and red Virginia are aged and blended with the bold and fruity flavor of Sangria.

Scottish Delight - This blend is a contemporary flavor of bright Cavendish with a touch of fure-cured black Cavendish.

SHANDYGAFF - new - An unusual old Atlas Blending mixture, combines Burley, Turkish, and Perique leaf to produce a smoke often described as carrying flavors of ginger and salty sea air. 

​Soothing Vanilla
– A magnificent mixture of Cavendish and Virginia flavored with vanilla guaranteed to relax and recharge your day.

Special Cognac - Aged American Burleys and imported flue-cured Virginia could only be further enhanced by fine Cognac.


Spiced Rum
- Spicy vanilla and rum mingled in with a base of Virginia, Burley, and Black Cavendish.  A very nice sweet smoke!

Star of the East- new - Starting with a base of 50% Latakia, with a portion of Turkish leaf and sweetened with stoved Red Virginia, this is a full bodied blend, a long time favorite. 

Strawberries & Cream - A mild and smooth black Cavendish flavored with those wonderful summer strawberries.

Sweet English - Long cut Cavendish, Virginia, toasted Burley and Latakia flavored with caramel and vanilla creating an English aromatic favorite.

three friars- new - A combination of Virginia ribbon, brown Burley, and Perique, Three Friars delights with a combination of natural piquant sweetness and spice.

Tropic - An exotic blend flavored with essence of tropical fruit creating an incredible aroma that will fill your mind with memories of the islands!

Turkish - Four separate and equally exotic Turkish blends come together to create and outstanding smoking experience.

Virginia Flake - Grade AAA Virginia flake expertly processed to create an exceptional smoke by itself or used as a sweetened additional to a stouter blend.

Virginia Gentleman - new - A unique blend Virginias and Burleys, a slight touch of Turkish, create a superb all day smoke for those who enjoy Virginia blends that is perfect for all day enjoyment. 

Virginia Ribbon – Grade AAA red stoved Virginia ribbon is sure to smooth a rough day or to help sweeten a Latakia blend.

Winchester- new - Red Virginia and Black Cavendish create a mild and mellow smoking experience with a room note that calls to mind that "old time pipe fragrance" from days gone by. 

Yorktown – Lemon and red Virginia are combined and re-stoved to create a flavorful but mild and cool smoke.

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