we have a wide variety of humidors to choose from, since A humidor is an essential tool for any cigar smoker.  Simply speaking, it is a storage device for your home or travel cigars. The following are guidelines to aid in your purchase and up keep of your humidor.

Travel Humidor:

There are 2 main kinds of "travel" humidors. First of which is considered a "vest pocket" humidor. Spanish cedar lines the interior with a leather exterior. This case is perfect for a night on the town but not long term storage. The second humidor is commonly known as a travel case. This humidor has a hard plastic exterior and foam padded interior, with an air tight & water tight seal on the lid. Due to the fact that this case has a humidifying agent, it is perfect for an extended weekend or in the home year round.

Desk Top Humidor:

Ranging from a small 15 count to a much larger 300 count or more, there is a size, shape and color to fit any decor. Complete with a humidifer and a hydrometer a desk top humidor is a great choice for long term storage.

Humidity Level and Temperature

A constant humidity level is critical to keep your cigars in perfect condition. A realative humidity level in your humidor should be between 68 - 72%. Keep in mind that humidity levels go hand in hand with the temperture of 68-70 degrees. Although it sounds like a selling gimic, your humidor should be filled at least half full of cigars at all times in order for it to work properly.

What to look for in a humidor

The inside of your humidor should be lined with unfinished Spanish Cedar. If the humidor has trays or dividers, they should be removable to accomodate a varity of sizes of cigars. The hinges should be inset so that the lid can close tightly and evenly with no gaps visible. Some humidors are equipped with a decorative lock. Remember that this lock is more to keep others out of your prized cigars than provide a seal.

Initial Set Up and Maintenance of your Humidor

When you purchase a humidor from Absolute Tobacco, we will advise you on how to prepare your humidor.  We can also prepare and season your humidor for you if it can be left overnight.  We will also assist you with any questions you may have regarding maintenance and storage of your cigars. Absolute Tobacco always suggests that you uses a propylene glycol solution when filling your humidifier. This solution will automatically regulate the humidity in your humidor at 70% and is a mold inhibitor.  This will insure a humidor fresh smoke every time.

Questions, Problems and Concerns

We often have customers that have been given a humidor or purchased one elsewhere and are now having trouble. Don't worry! Regardless of where you purchased your humidor from, we will be happy to assist you in anyway we can to trouble-shoot problems with you.

​Here at Absolute Tobacco, we understand that purchasing a humidor is not a decision to be made quickly. We encorage our customers take their time when looking and learning about the humidors. Feel free to come in and check out our large stock of humidors for yourself.