el centurion h-2k

My Father's Centurion has been a mainstay for years, but now the new H-2K-CT has taken over.  A slight tweak to the blend, and name and here we go again.  Great smoke at a Great PRICE!!

the judge

My Father released "The Judge", and you know it must be good to have a name like that, coming from Don Pepin's factory.  And The Judge comes through like no other, you have to try it yourself.  Words don't work.  Try it.

epc cigars

E.P. Carrillo is the God Father of Cigars and teamed up with his family, they are putting out some of the best cigars in the industry.  This includes the La Historia, New Wave Reserva, and the INCH Series, Natural & Maduro.  Great Price Too!


Owner Omar de Frias said since our launch in 2013 Fratello has been named "The Hottest New Cigar Brand" on the market, and has exploded into the premium cigar industry as one of the fastest growing manufacturers.  Great cigars will do that!

carreras hellcat

Craig Cunningham's HellCat has been named "The Hottest New Cigar" on the market, a unique box press with Cuban pigtail cap and fold over foot. You will come back for more - Great cigars will do that!

new releases:

​new products are being brought in each month.  come try some, you are bound to find you new favorite cigar, and These are some of the latest:

illusione - oneoff

Illusione hit it out of the park with this one, and it deserves the name ONEOFF!!  These are some of the most complex and Cuban style blends your gonna find, so come on by and get you one.

oscar habano

Oscar Valladares, known for producing "The Leaf" cigar and Island Jim, has a new Habano blend that he is distributing and it is outstanding.  Has his classic leaf wrapped cigar, this time using a mellow Candella wrapper, packed in a press style box.

cle prieto

Christian Eiroa has one of the hottest moving cigars right now with the Prieto.  An excellent Medium-Full body smoke at an outstanding price.  Very easy on the pocket book but heavy on flavor & strength.


KA Kendall has knocked it out of the park with his NEW FACTORY 57, and with 7-20-4 Vintage, 1874 Series, the Hustler, & the Limited Edition Spider.  Re-creation of the original RG Sullivan Cigars-come smoke a piece of history.

deadwood sisters

The Yummy Bitches are in full force, from Sweet Jane & Fat Bottom Betty, to Crazy Alice and the latest tramp - Leather Rose.  Better come check them out - going fast and hard to keep around.  You know how those ladies are.

la palina nicaraguan

AJ Fernandez makes these for La Palina, and that is probably enough said.  The Oscuro - incredibly smooth, and the Connecticut - very full flavored!!

nomad therapy

Fred is working with AJ Fernandez on these three blends and they are all deserving of the name - "Therapy".  From Mild, Medium, to Full Body, one is sure to fit your needs.  Served in a tray to help keep costs down, make sure not to overlook it.  Worth a TRY!! 


The Factory 57 is billed as a medium-to-full-bodied cigar, with Kendall describing the flavor profile as “bold, full, yet very smooth, with distinct creaminess.”  It's Bad A$$!!

pistoff kristoff

The name speaks for itself.  Pistoff Kristoff is the fullest body cigar that Owner Glen Case has put out to date.  Same Kristoff style pigtail cap, but with a flavor bomb attached to it. You have to try one and decide for yourself. You will be pissed off if you don't.


New to the humidor, and we have them all!!  The Alma Fuerte,  the Alma Del Camp, the Cosecha 146, & the Plasencia Originals.  Plasencia got 9 Top 25 Ratings in 3 Years.  All are a must try!!​

muestra de saka

A very Limited run by Steve Saka, and they are going fast.  A truly full flavored Mild-Meduim body smoke with one of the most gorgeous wrappers you will find.  Each comes in it own wood coffin, ready to hitting the road.


Patoro has been a very exclusive and sought after cigar in Europe for almost 15 years.  The quality is unmatched with the Gran Anjeo and the NEW Brazilian - both a must try stick for everyone!


Owner Noel Rojas is passionate about his cigars and has four fantastic blends that will fit anyones pallet.  From the Guayacan Habano & Maduro, to the Sabor de Esteli Habano & San Andres, to the fresh rolled he makes at the events, you will find a favorite.

Rocky Patel

New to the humidor, we have a few of Rocky's latest releases and his best cigars to date, including:  The LB1,  the ALR 2nd Ed., the Number 6, & the Quarter Century.   All are a must try!!


Sindicato is a group of retailers that got together to make the best possible cigar for the lowest price possible.  They have a great lineup of cigars including the Sindicato Natural & Maduro, and the Particulares - a house favorite!

mi querida

Steve Saka wanted a follow up to the Sobremesa but be a little more friendly to the pocket book.  Well here you go, and fantastic full body smoke that you would easily expect to pay $1-$2 more per stick.  Come grab a few and find out.  

Premium Cigars & Accessories in Katy


We have all of your favorite Camacho Cigars including the Connecticut, Criollo, Corojo, Ecuador, and the infamous Triple Maduro.  We now also have the new American Barrel Aged and the LIMITED SHELLBACK.


Exclusively produced by AJ Fernandez in Esteli Nicaragua, from only patiently aged and naturally fermented tobaccos.  They are forever dedicated to achieving the simply perfect draw.  Blends include the Kudzu, Firethorn, and the Quickdraw.​


Steve Saka, formerly of Drew Estate & blender of the infamous Liga Privada, has set out on his own and this is his first of several more blends to come.  BY FAR the most outstanding smoke to come out in a long time!


The Nat Sherman Timeless Series has been all over the Top 25 Lists for several years now.  Available in the Dominican or Nicaraguan, both sure to be a new favorite!


ashton cigars

Ashton is back in the House.  We currently have the Ashton VSG, Ashton Classic, and the La Aroma de Cuba blends in stock.  If you haven't had one in a while, its time to go back and take one for a ride.  Good Stuff!!

Premium Cigars & Accessories in Katy